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B & R Perfume & Cologne Inc. is a leading wholesaler of branded perfumes all over the world. B & R has an extensive collection of 100% authentic perfumes and colognes at very competitive prices for its valued customers. We understand buyer’s preferences because our owners have over 15 years’ experience marketing perfumes and colognes.

B & R Perfume & Cologne is the preferred shop for choosy buyers for its wide range of brands, reasonable prices, on-time delivery, and excellent customer service. B & R has built an efficient team to serve our clients so our good reputation in distributing perfumes and colognes extends from the U.S.A. to the Far East.

We can render prompt service according to your requirement. As one of the largest perfume wholesalers, we have a huge in-stock warehouse inventory over 5000 items, including the latest and hard to find items. We recently constructed a new facility with a sophisticated inventory system, enabling us to serve you better. 

B & R gives our customers the best selection with one of the best prices. We are leading the perfume & cologne distribution world with our selection, pricing, order fulfillment and overall client satisfaction.